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Frameless Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

Transform Your Old Bathroom to a Bathroom You Would See in a Magazine

It's not hard to see why bathroom remodeling is one of the more popular home upgrades, when you consider how much of your life you spend in the bathroom; between brushing, showering, bathing, shaving, and applying makeup, you deserve a room you can truly relax in.  A full bathroom renovation can be quite expensive and for those looking to get a new stylish look then consider complimenting your bathroom remodeling style with a custom-fitted glass frameless shower door. This is a contemporary style of shower with no frame, just gorgeous hung glass and a shower door. There are many frameless shower layouts, with and without doors. It really depends how much space you have to work with and what kind of finished look you prefer.
  • Splash Guard Showers
  • Single Shower Door
  • Corner units
  • Inline Frameless Showers and Doors
  • 90 Degree Frameless Showers
  • Neo-Angle Frameless Showers
“Heavy” is the word, “heavy glass” that is! Beautiful is the next word that comes to mind because that is what they are!  3/8" , 1/2" and 3/4" glass in clear,  patterned and starfire. Massive hinges, handles and pulls in brushed nickel, satin, oil rubbed bronze and yes, even real gold. Professionally installed to create a work of art, not just a shower. It is amazing how the replacement of your old shower or bath glass can change the way your bathroom feels, transforming it from a regular old bathroom to a luxurious oasis to relax in. The clean lines and open spaces can make any bathroom look like it belonged in a magazine. Frameless shower doors and frameless shower enclosures are completely customizable, which means you can easily take that dream bathroom design you’ve been envisioning in your head and make it a reality. Even with unique bathroom space our glass technicians at Austin Windowerks can help you select the perfect frameless shower to fit your style and your budget. In order to make your new shower truly custom, we offer a myriad of different options to bring out your own personal touch and style preference. 

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Austin Windowerks offers both frameless and framed showers.

Custom frameless shower doors and shower enclosures have the ability to transform any old bathroom into an eye-catching spectacle. Drastically improving bathroom lighting and the resale value of your home, a custom shower door or tub enclosure is an essential investment for any homeowner in Austin, Lakeway, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, and the surrounding areas. Whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or years down the line, you can likely expect an increase in its resale value due to your glass shower doors. In the past, shower doors required metal frames around the edges to hold the glass in place and supply structural integrity because most of these frames are made with relatively inexpensive glass. With such framed shower doors, metal surrounded the entire glass door, leaving no exposed edges. Frameless shower doors do exactly what the name implies: they eliminate the need for metal framing entirely. It's a simple upgrade that increases value and adds a touch of luxury. The beauty of architectural glass inspires unique shower designs that play with light, flow and elegance. But beyond opening up a tight space, these enclosures add elegance and style to a room that is all-too-often overlooked. 

Frameless glass shower doors can be used for both stand-alone showers and as frameless bathtub screens. Options include everything from an in-line shower door covering one side of the shower, to four glass panels surrounding an entire shower or bathtub. You can even choose neo-angled panels, which fit in a corner and feature three sides of glass (the middle panel serving as the shower door). For the glass itself, you may opt for clear glass, HDglass, frosted glass, rain glass, bronze glass or gray glass. Frameless shower doors from Austin Windowerks can create a centerpiece that transforms your bathroom into a spacious place of respite. Having an experienced professional who is well-versed in what to look for can help you make the best choice and avoid costly mistakes. If frameless glass shower doors or shower enclosures is a home improvement project that you're considering, then our glass specialists are an excellent resource. They will guide you through the entire process, including design, budget, installation and maintenance. As part of your consultation, your Austin Windowerks Glass technician will carefully measure and evaluate your bathroom as well as discuss what your vision is for the project to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Our competitive prices matched with our high quality products and service will have you wondering why you didn't call Austin Windowerks sooner.


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